Friday, 10 August 2012

Dem say, dem say

Have you been trying to apply for that job but ‘you heard‘ that no one can get a job in that place you are applying to unless they have ‘leg‘?..,

Have you been considering taking that new course but you heard that ‘they said‘ it is difficult and people always fail, infact no one has ever had an A?


Have you been contemplating sending the first draft of your novel to that publishing house, but you heard they ‘don‘t just accept stories like that‘?...

My dear friend, my message to you today is don‘t be discouraged whatever you are working at (whether it‘s part of the examples I cited above or not), don‘t listen to everything that people say because they most likely heard it from someone else, who heard from someone else.

Most people are just ignorant.
And some people will never see anything good in what you are doing and are most likely out to discourage you.

If there‘s one thing I‘ve learnt in this life, it‘s that there‘s nothing you cannot do.
Things don‘t always happen the same way. If you never try something you‘d never know what result it will yield.
I‘m sure most people can relate with stories of ‘maths is hard‘ from our primary and/or secondary school days. From what I‘ve seen, this preconceived idea moulded a lot of people‘s view about maths and they were not willing to even try at all to ace the subject.

As for me I don‘t listen to what people say without trying things out myself.

I‘m currently at a stage in my life where I‘m preparing to take major exams for entry into pharmacy internship programs and all I‘m hearing left, right and center is ‘do you know anyone?‘, ‘you won‘t get in without connection‘, blah blah.. It all sounds like a bit of hogwash to me. I‘ve at least answered a couple of times that ‘I know God‘. At most I just smile and keep quiet.

I‘m not bothered because it is the same thing I‘ve been hearing for a long time. Some people are even under the impression that I/my parents must have known some ‘somebodies‘ with how far I‘ve come in life.

It‘s funny how once, someone dropped their WAEC and JAMB result with my dad for him to ‘help‘ them with their admission into Uni, at a time in my life when my parents were busy praying for my admission into the same University the person was applying to. I won‘t forget how my dad left those documents on a shelf where they gathered dust for a looong time. Needless to say, the person got in, but without my dad‘s supposed help

I don‘t know anybody o.
I just know I try and I don‘t get discouraged. If 80% enter by ‘leg‘, then no wahala, I‘ll be part of the 20% that enter by brain and most importantly by the grace of God.


Feels good to be back here...:)

Wish you all a lovely weekend and stay blessed.


  1. hi5 gf!!!..
    we have God..some might have godfathers, but let them know you have Baba God the father
    success in ur exams oo, wishing u nuffin but the best in life dear
    be willing to try other places too in due time and i knw with God on ur side, you'll make it

    1. Yes!!
      Thanks so much..:)
      I'll surely try a number of places..all in trying to increase my options
      Amen! I'll make it.
      Thanks for the encouragement.. All the best to you too!

  2. AY: Welcome back! I have heard those types of discouraging remarks at various points in my life, and have learnt to ignore them. I pray you ace your exams in Jesus name. You already have the right attitude!

    1. No you, welcome back to my blog!
      Amen oh....Thanks so much.


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