Monday, 22 October 2012

Myth, superstition or fact ......and so random

Hello everyone!!

There are some things I've heard or come across with time and I was wondering what to classify them as: Myth, superstition or fact;

1) Okro is bad for Ijebu men: Now I don't know if this covers all the different types of the Yoruba tribe oh, but I know that my grandmother who happens to be Ijebu, warned my mother never to prepare okro soup for my father when they got married. My mother obliged her. That now led to we the children never ever tasting okro until a long while. 
Afterall, as the Yoruba proverb goes: "Obe ti Baale ile ki je, Iya ile ki i se", "the soup the master of the house does not eat, the woman of the house does not prepare"

One day we managed to eat it at our aunty's house and we loved it and begged our mum to start preparing it and she did.
So recently I just found out from one of my friends, whose grand mum is also Ijebu, that her mother was also given the same instruction. And from what she told me, apparently these Ijebu women have a common belief that okro lowers a man's sperm count...Me I dunno know oh 

2) Eating in your sleep is dangerous: That's what my mum has always made me to believe since I was young and serious prayer always followed when I told her I ate in my sleep, but I just wonder what it really means. I've read some 'spiritual' books in the past on it, but I just wonder oh, because some times I find myself eating in my sleep *covers face*...

3) Killing wall geckos leads to bad fortune: I was in SS1. One of those nights during prep, a wall gecko dropped from the ceiling onto my notebook. Immediately I flung it away from the book and stepped on it with all my might. It divided into two parts; the tail and the rest of the body My classmates gasped and stared at me disbelievingly. "You just killed an omo onile...", "Ah, it is wrong...", "Bad things will happen to you..". I laughed. Like, they couldn't be serious. I went back to reading my book.
Last month I told someone the story and his reaction was the same and I was like duh!!

I can't believe some people still think Obama is the antichrist. I was listening to a discussion on Saturday and someone said Obama will never get the opportunity to be president a second time; that Americans will make sure, since he is the antichrist, so as to delay the evil things that are bound to happen to the world...Hmmm...I still dey wonder and Google has been my friend these past days. I've read all sorts on this topic ehn..

I started taking driving classes today and this my driving school teacher has specifically instructed me that I should bring money for 'minerals' each time I come for a lesson. I asked him if the 10K I payed to his 'Oga' does not include his own pay.. mscheew... But, I've been made to know by him (matter-of-factly) that if I don't bring 'minerals' money, then I'll be on my own because he won't teach me well.

"Igba, to ba funmi ni owo fun minerals ni ma sese ma ko e bo se ye", "it is when you give me money for 'minerals' that I will now teach you the way I'm supposed to

I just dey wonder. Since when did I need to give you money so that you will do what is right. After paying 10K for two weeks you expect me to give you 'change' everyday, 'change' you've probably been collecting from others. In my presence one person gave him N200 after her driving lesson.

Reminds me of one time when my project supervisor asked me to drop a copy of my thesis with someone in the departmental office and the man asked me to 'drop' something as 'security vote' (in his own words) so that the thesis won't get lost. It's apparent he wanted me to give him money (for no sensible reason). I played dumb and told him, "ehn if it gets lost, it gets lost. But I wonder how that will happen". And then I left the office.

Things need to change in this country ehn...

Thanks to all who commented on my last post. Thanks for the birthday wishes...

I'm out!!


  1. I had no idea about the gecko thing although i hate all 'crawlies' so i'd rather chase them than kill them. About eating in sleep, i hear that too o.

    As for oga driver, smh for him. Corruption has eaten deep into every nook of our lives.

    1. I also hate them.. But I won't even chase cockroaches for instance, I just crush 'em..*covers face..

      Corruption sha..

  2. nice background btw....

    ok am new to the first myth oo, but vegetable is suppose to be good for the body nah... well if okra reduces the sperm abeg, I go listen

    About 2: so I heard. but why are you eating in your sleep?? maybe you didnt eat well before sleeping.. dont know oo..

    About 3:lol... aww thats mean u smashed the poor thing.... my sister hates hates geckos..... lol.

    I dont like them too and I will be too scared to kill them... I also heard that the gecko scratching the ceiling ontop of you leaves traces of scratches on your body i.e. marks on your body.

    yeah i heard Obama is Antichrist, isn't everyone??? lol. abeg i tire for the world itself.

    1. Thanks...:)

      I think that first one is just a myth joor..
      Yeah, I mostly eat in my sleep when I didn't have much too eat before going to bed, especially during exams when my energy stores deplete faster.

      I've not heard that bit about wall geckos. Sounds disgusting.

      Thanks for stopping by..:)

  3. corruption at work
    did knw abt d okro part btw..lool
    so many antichrists in this world dont you think? but i guess people like to feed their curiosity.
    we all should just watch and pray.

    1. You know about that okro thing

      Yeah, "watch and pray"... That's very important.

  4. I'm just hearing about the okro for ijebu people o. All these myths sef.

    So how did your driving lesson go? Egunje is low and high places. Oga o

    1. Abi, na real wa..

      Fortunately or unfortunately, since I continued the lessons, I've been taught by someone else.. haven't seen the 'egunge man'

      So far it's been good.

      Thanks for checking out my blog and for following.

      You're welcome to my to check out your blog

  5. I'm just hearing about most of this myths oh *shrugs* we like wahala sef! Oga ju!

    I eat in my sleep sometimes too oh x___x and because of the fear they have put in us, I pray seriously everytime I do, its sha better to be safer.. True or not!

    How is driving lesson going?? The corruption is a serious something oh, oluwa gba wa!!

    If obama like he should be anti-christ, they shld sha not bring their wahala here, they shuu leave it in the US -___-

    1. Seriously, it's better to be safer oh..

      So far so good.. A 'lil scary.. Abi, the corruption is just too much.

      Thanks for stopping by..:)

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