Monday, 29 December 2014

What I love about Night at The Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb

Apart from the amazing blend of history and quirky characters, it has the elements of a good story, which is what drew me in the most.

The night guard, Larry (main character/protagonist) is on a quest to fix the golden tablet which holds the magic that brings the exhibits at the museum he works at, to life every night. He encounters obstacles along the way; from the funny guard at the British Museum, Tilly, to the Triceratops skeleton and then Lancelot who is on a quest to find his Guinevere and who when he discovers what the tablet is capable of doing and the powers it holds decides to steal it and claim from it its 'gift of life'.

Right then it seems all that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong for Larry the night guard who had just then discovered the way to solve the problem of the tablet after visiting 'Egypt'. The museum exhibits are starting to weaken. Time is running out

Soon Larry overcomes Lancelot- who now appears to be the major antagonist- with help from his museum friends and son, Nick. We easily sympathise with and understand Lancelot's reason for taking the tablet, especially as he enjoys the fact of being alive and not just being still and stared at by little children who visit the museum regularly. (Ted Roosevelt,  played by Robin Williams- of blessed memory- points out to Lancelot that it is important for education, as the children are being educated anyway).

One major theme that runs throughout the movie is 'Letting go'.
Larry's letting go of his museum friends he may never see again; his letting go of his son who has decided to explore the world for one year before applying to College (a sub-plot in the movie)

In all it's an excellent movie. Action packed, extremely funny and educative. And the fact that it is set partly in pretty London is a plus!

I came away from it wanting to actually learn more and brush up on my knowledge of a few things, historical and present.

Definitely a worthy outing.

I should watch movies more.

I should post on here more.


Love, ay