Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A time for everything

Long time no blog....

I‘m at a point in my life where I just want to scream and rip my intestines out. i‘m stressed:( dere are so many things i want but i can‘t have now and it‘s so annoying...

i don‘t even know why i started blogging. Some advice peeps; don‘t start what you can‘t keep up with. i initially thought blogging would be easy; i‘ll churn out great posts every week,get massive views and lotsa comments, but hun hun (shaking head) fate said a blatant NO!.

You see that has not exactly been the case and i‘ve recently thought of deleting my account but then i thought and thought to myself, ‘there‘s a time for everything‘ . Maybe this is ‘not my time‘ ( apparently!!! your books joor)...Well yes some people started blogs and under one month there were stars on blogsville. just like some people who under one week of joining facebook garnered 200 friends. but wait we are different n things happen for us at different times.

Now i have so much on my plate. pharmacy school‘s annoyingly stressful n exams are coming up (and i‘m busy worrying about blogging...smh..)

I want to finish school so badly but i still have to wait 4 or 5 months. Oh i despair a lot..just too much. there are so many things i can‘t wait for...
I can‘t wait to start my internship n be through with NYSC.
I can‘t wait to start my Masters degree.
I can‘t wait for the time when i get to become a published author( let me even have the time to research on and write the first book in the first instance)
I can‘t wait for the day when I get married to ‘Him‘ (But dat one is a story for another day if ever possible, though talking about matters of the heart is not exactly my forte).

Something has been telling me to stop worrying and be patient, but I find it hard to listen. However deep down I know it‘s right.

There is a time for everything and just like a part in the book of Proverbs says (now i don‘t know the verse), “we may make our plans but God had the final say“.

sigh....well now i have to continue reading, cos I‘m in the library now where I‘m supposed to be reading but I‘m doing this... i don‘t want people to start thinking i‘m an unserious it‘s not my fault i just discovered i can blog on my phone.. I got a new phone and I‘m loving it.

Thanks for checking out this URL

please be patient with me and continue to watch this space..