Monday, 7 May 2012

I miss home already :(

I don't want to go back to school.

My short holiday is over and I'm missing home already even though I'm at home now. It's just that feeling I always get when I'm going back to school. I'll try to make up any excuse why I shouldn't go back to school. But once I'm in school, I'm in school and all home-sick feeling is forgotten and gone and that's just the funny part.

It was not that easy to make up excuses not to go back to school when I was a boarder in secondary school, because resumption date was fixed and if you resumed late you paid a fine. I remember one time in SS1 when my mum dropped me at school and waited for me while I carried my load bit by bit to my dorm. I made sure I lengthened the amount of time I spent going back and forth until there was no load again. It was when my mom was finally saying bye I burst into tears. I felt ashamed; see junior students trotting about happily at the joy of leaving home to come back to school and there I was 'agbaya' senior crying. My mum just said, "Ko si nkan ti ma se. A sa le pada lo ile" (something like that sha), meaning "there's nothing I can do. Surely, we can't go back home now".

I wiped my tears, 'bravely' said bye and went to my dorm. It didn't take me up to 2 hours before I started laughing with my dorm girls and had forgotten about home. I didn't realize how much I had missed my friends. It was good to be back :)

So, as I'm weeping now....sigh...I know I'll get over it. But I'm tired of school joor...

my only consolation is that this is my last semester:)

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Till next time.

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