Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Nigerian Police..... An epitome of.....

(I‘ll leave the title above for the reader to complete in their own words)

Hiya........this blog is really boring, as in it‘s not moving at all. Anyways that will not make my ink go dry on this blog or anywhere else though it will ‘da ku, da ji‘ once in a while because I have other commitments.

I don‘t like the Nigerian Police at all. I mean i‘m ashamed of the more like irritated by them. Clad in black outfits fading from repeated ironing and washing and brandishing AK47 rifles as they wait for their prey, there‘s nothing appealing to me about this set of people who are supposed to be the ‘protector‘ of the people. They are rated 21V for violence (those guns they carry hen and the amount of innocent people they‘ve killed with their aid).

While I know not all of them are the same and there are some ,you know, good ones I still find it hard to like them.

On my way home yesterday for the holiday, I witnessed something....
On a major road sha with traffic lights at the right places, a traffic light went red and just at that point a car disobeyed the lights driving past them, but then quickly reversed when a policeman began to advance in full regalia- beret, black shirt sticking out at the love handles on a pair of black trousers, black shoe and an annoying grin on the face. I would conclude later that the grin was because the driver of the vehicle was a white man. Gbam!!!‘

In the commercial vehicle I was in people had already started abusing the policeman especially as they found out the offender was an ‘oyibo‘..
meanwhile at the white man‘s vehicle the police man was bent over and sticking his hand in the window supposedly admonishing the man for his unlawful behaviour (if i hear). It did not take 2 minutes before the white man drew his wallet and extended what I imagined, (remember I imagined oo) to be a N500 note. Then the policeman grinned even wider like a cheshire cat, retreated from the vehicle and made to join his colleagues who had already begun to move towards where ‘it was happening‘..

The passengers in the vehicle I was in were angry with the policeman and one in particular expressed her dissatisfaction with the token he was given by the whiteman. according to her ,“even the whiteman knows that all our police want is bribe“ and she shook her head in disgust.

And really let‘s think about it; what image does our police potray to the rest of the world. Not a pretty one surely....

I‘m sure many of us have stories about our police. This one is just a small story.. to go sha....those are my thoughts for the day.

And y‘all have a Happy Easter.