Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 'right' thing to do

Hello there.

I've missed blogging, but I have major things to attend to. School is pretty annoying (and you would have thought I'd be enjoying school). After spending a little over 4 years here with a few more months to go I'm quite exhausted already... reminds me of LDP's post on the hardest phase of a marathon run beginning at the 15th mile..:)

This is going to be an extremely short post..I just came here to remove cobwebs and see how my baby is doing (yeah, that's my blog).

I have a lot on my mind and something that keeps bugging me is 'what is really right and what is wrong'. I don't know why I bother myself a lot about this. I try my best to read my Bible everyday and I do get answers but sometimes I'm so confused when I see other Christians doing things I just think are wrong. Then I think it's okay to do those things, if they who are strong Christians don't see anything wrong with them and are doing them. I know I'm definitely not perfect and I do make mistakes, but something keeps nudging me and telling me at the back of my mind, "who told you your standard should be based on what others are doing and perceive not to be wrong".

And then I realize I should go back to God who has all the answers, and let him lead me, no matter how hard it is going to be. It's funny how at the end of the day that's the right thing to do..:)

After all it is and it should always be about Him.

Thanks for stopping by..:)


  1. welcome back sweerie and when i didnt see you, i suspected it was school work and all, most esp since ure in ur final year
    do not let anyone be your guide but the Lord Himself.
    it was in times past that we looked to people and prophets but Now we have a Priest who has been tested with our infirmities and so understands everything and so should be our watch word
    the Bible says.."LOOKING UNTO Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith
    we are in very tricky times when you even begin to doubt your own standards but i love what you did..."you took IT to the LORD in Prayer and thats why we are daughters of the Living God
    success babes and be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.

    1. Thanks jare...school work doesn't leave me much time to think about other things.
      It's so easy to get carried away with what others are doing, but I'm learning everyday to look to God.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. Hey!...I'm so sorry and I had really made a sorta promise to myself to always check my mail box :( Will go check it out and reply you asap!!

  2. Good to know you're hanging in there. Almost done *hug*

    Your conscience seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping you in line. It's not what others are doing that matter but what you feel in your heart. People find it easy to justify stuff they've made up their minds to do. You'll be fine

    1. Thanks :)...I'm really working had to finish the race by God's grace.

      Yeah, my conscience pricks me a lot oh. You're right. Thanks for the encouragement

  3. I think we have similar line of thougts, I had dealt with this a while ago and it all kept coming down to "Go back to the maker for answers" so I decided to start reading the bible from the beginning and this time asking God for understanding of it all, so far its been really helpful, I don't just let my mind be a dumping ground for other people's opinions anymore, I've learnt to scan it all and weigh by God's standard and not peoples and I toss that comes out as garbage into the trash can, change what I have to and be a happier person.

    GoodLuck with School :)

    1. Hmmm..well said..
      I think I'll give reading the Bible from the beginning a shot.

      Thanks a lot :)

  4. Thanks for the link, AY. U r awesome. On what is really right or not, I'd suggest, "if your heart condemns you not". Truth is, God has put Himself in us, in the person of the Holy spirit, to let us know right from wrong, just that we choose to argue things atimes to justify some of our actions when we know deep down we're wrong.

    In conclusion, in the words of my pastor, if you are not sure something is wrong or right, just don't do it. At least, it doesn't kill not doing it rather than doing it and later find out you've gone about it the wrong way.

    - LDP

    1. You're welcome and you're awesome too...lol!

      You're right oh; "we choose to argue things atimes to justify some of our actions when we know deep down we're wrong".

      Thank you so much for your comment; quite helpful.
      Very much appreciated :)

  5. And before I forget, I was listening to Joel Osteen last night and he made some remarkable insights about our pursuits in life. I'll just share one with you:

    "If you never feel like giving up, then your dreams are too small" - Joel Osteen

    "The greater the intensity of your challenges, the closer you are to your victory" - Joel Osteen

    If you're getting tired, its because you're close to the finish line. Don't give up! Keep on keeping on.

    Blessings :)

    - LDP

    1. Hmmm...food for thought....True sayings

      Thanks for the encouragement :)
      Stay blessed.

    2. Thank you LDP.... that encouraged me too... x

  6. It basically comes back to the basic. God is the only one who has any answer u can possibly want.

    Taking in other people's opinions to go about anything you want to do, is not a road I'll advise anyone to pass. A friend of mine used to do that. She'll say, "don't do this", "its not proper to do that", just because its what she thinks people are supposed to do, whereas, its just a policy she cooked up in her mind that she'll not do.

    In the end, she'll be the one doing exactly what she has cautioned people not to do. No one knows what the right thing to do is. We all are looking up to God for the best answers to the Questions we have. And I pray and know you'll find yours and be blessed with it.

    *sighs* School....my dear, its not easy. I've been in school for over a month because of this clearance thing I'm supposed to sign before my convocation.....

    Don't lemme bore u with the tales..:) wish you the very best with School.

    Bless You:)

    1. Hey you! Welcome back o; since all these days! Where have you been?

      God is the only one who has the answer o. And it's true; when one starts to set rules about how people are or are not supposed to do things, they end up falling in their own trap. I'm guilty of such myself..:(

      School is not easy o, but we shall overcome. All the best with getting your clearance done.

      I won't mind the tales...lol...Thank you so much.
      And bless you too :)

  7. I agree. this race is a one man's thing only and on that day it wont be based on others works but yours only. So my darling going to him is the right thing... xxx

    God will help you with work and school too. I know what it feels like. xxx

    1. It's really every man for himself..only God's grace is sufficient enough for us.
      Thanks so much. xxx


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