Monday, 16 July 2012

Help! I need support!!!

No, I'm not talking about money or any other thing running through your mind. I'm talking about support as in body fat. I need more fat in my skin.

Now you're wondering why I'm suddenly in need of it, for someone who is perfectly happy with how she looks. Well, for starters because of my insufficient subcutaneous fat, I have to endure cold while other well rounded people around me enjoy the fan or air-conditioner.

You see, someone my size (what you would call petite) always has trouble finding clothes that fit her. 80% of my clothes were originally a size bigger before I fitted them. I often have people ask me if what I'm wearing originally came in 'that' size, because they're not sure they've seen sizes as small as I wear and I tell you it can be quite embarrassing. Anytime I carry my 5ft 3 or 4, 46kg, size 6 (I yoyo between size 6 and 8, but I'm mostly size 6) 21 year old self to clothes stores I always leave disgruntled. Sometimes even super small is big for me.

My mum doesn't expect me to be worried about this, because as far as she's concerned 'iwe ti on ka lo fa'. She says once I'm done with school the fat will come. But me, I know myself and I know she's just trying to be my mummy by saying that. I haven't varied in dress size in 10 years i.e since I left primary school. Lemme tell you a secret , most of my clothes from back then still fit, except for the fact that I grew taller. I still have all my primary six underwear stacked somewhere. I don't wear them because I know they're old, but I just love holding on to things ehn (I love my There was a time my mum was irritated by all of it, she went behind my back and ripped the ones she could get hold of. But that's BTW.

My dad doesn't have a problem with my weight by the way. Back in the days he preferred slim He also told me that my great grandmother, Iya alaro, was a slim and strong woman, as well as the women after her. So, it's hereditary. In case you're wondering , some of the women on my mother's side have well developed subcutaneous tissue. My mum was quite slim when she was my age, however.

 The only reason now that I'm bothered about my weight is because it has got peeps thinking I'm one small girl like that. Last week I made one new friend sha and all the while we were around each other she thought I was in 200 level. When she found out I'm in 500level, she was shocked and was just exclaiming anyhow. She now said do I know that if I wore a secondary school uniform I could easily pass for an SS2 or 3 word!!!

And just when I thought I had enough, 2 days ago I was telling my 8 year old cousin that I was going back to school after visiting home for the weekend. Then she started playing with my hair which was weaved with extensions and said innocently "so they allow you put 'attachmen't in your hair in your school, they don't allow us in my school" I laughed and asked her what type of school she thought I was in and she answered "are you not in secondary school?"!!

So now you can imagine what I go through. Not to talk of all the embarrassment I met when I was doing IT last year. People would walk into the Pharmacy look at me and then ask me if they can speak to someone much older. One impatient customer like that called me a small Also when I enter the public bus, the other passengers sometimes 'beg' me to come and sit on their bench "since I'm slim". I always disagree. What do they take me for. One woman bluntly told me one day "don't answer them o, better sit where you want to". The annoying part is when it is extremely well rounded people begging. They are looking for someone to squeeze... Another annoying part is when I fortunately or unfortunately get to sit with such people and they start complaining that the space is tight, like it's my fault.

Well on the very very very bright side I am really happy with how I look and the good compliments I do get. But seeing that I would be graduating very soon and I will be going into the real world for real, I need any suggestions on how to GAIN WEIGHT. I've tried everything..okay not everything. I've taken a weight gain medication before, but I couldn't stick to it, because I don't like ingesting drugs (whether solid or liquid), I just like learning about Feel free to call me a

I've tried being lazy for long periods especially during holidays, that maybe fat will come on. But I'm a workaholic. I just dunno how to be lazy. One of my friends suggested eating a burger everyday, but he's so on his own, because I stay away from processed food a lot, especially since I know what the long term consequences can be. It's funny how I count my calories a lot for someone who wants to gain weight.

Please don't suggest malt and raw egg...yuck!! Besides I really hate eggs.

So, start suggesting and help a sister.

Thanks in advance for your undelayed response..:)


  1. Looks like I have found someone who shares my pain. There is nothing I haven't done to add weight oh, I am in my third year in college but people mistake me for someone in the 8th grade(JSS3). Someone even asked if i was the last child and I am the first! as in, I don tire. My mom said when I get married and start having babies I will add weight. so maybe we should just chill lol

    1. Ah, welcome to the club.....
      Me too! I'm the second child in a family of three and someone once asked if I was the last born..and the age difference between myself and the last born is 4 years!!

      A lot of people tell me that. And while it sounds nice to put on some weight after marriage, I don't intend on ballooning once I start having children, because then my call then will be for weight

  2. my dear trust me you dont need the weight. just enjoy yourself. when it will come you will not like it. Like at least you will put up some weight when you start having kids. I used to be like you. everyone around me always called me smally. I was skinny when i married. You dont want to know what i look like now. I am fighting to get back to what i used to be.

    1. Hmmmm. I'll take your advice oh, seeing that you were once in my shoes.

      Thanks.. I pray you get back to your smally self :)

  3. babes....same here ooo
    as in it was so bad that one of my dad's friends had to tell me to put on my glasses cos i look like an under aged lady and i would be mistaken for a 16 etc...
    i was about following him out and i'm sure he didnt want them to think whats this child doing with this man..(it was a an official appointment anyways..LOL)
    even me sef i don tire..almost everywhere...they look at me like..."who's this small girl) i work in the children's dept in church and i was mistaken for one of the kids instead of their teacher...lool...if you know how embarassing that felt
    well, all i can say is dont bother yourself too much jare...believe dont wanna add weight..if you know what big people go through'll thank God for your size..most especially in a hot country like this and when nepa does their work
    at least you can run a mile and breathe in and out...try adding more weight and you'll see how hard it will be for you to do that
    dont worry babes...adding weight will come at the right time..
    as for know...just sit back and chill and let things take shape by itself..wink*

    1. looks like I'm not the only lepa shandy oh...I won't bother myself o jare. I wasn't even too bothered before.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Lol. Pele. I feel your pain. When I finished Uni, I went visiting a family friend with my aunt & the lady asked about school so I told her I 'just finished'. She apparently thought I meant high school so she said "better come & do A levels @greensprings". My aunt had to quickly correct her that I had finished 1st degree. You should have seen the shock on her face lol. She asked for my age & when I told her, she screamed: "go back to school!" :)

    Anyways, I'm done complaining about my weight. My mom's a lepa so I know where I got mine from & she looks way younger than her years. I've been fat before (for about a year in undergrad) so I know it can happen again but I just can't seem to get there right now. In the meantime, I'm rocking my uber slim self #shrug

    1. Lol @ "better come & do A levels @greensprings".

      Abi o, it's better to rock it while it lasts

  5. Don't mind all of them jare. I prefer lepa shandies jo. Orobos use up excessive spaces.

    1. lol...I'll remain the way I am

  6. there is always some beauty when we are proud of the way we are. i know you are joking and hope it stays as a joke.

    1. I am I love my look :) The thought of gaining weight just creeps in once in a long while

      Thanks for commenting :)


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