Sunday, 24 June 2012

A wonderful first year

A year ago on this same day, i.e, the 24th of June 2011, I made my first post. Now, I'm not really sure but I'm quite certain I created this blog before that date, also in June, but I can't remember the exact date.

So today I'm celebrating one year since my first blog post.

For me there is a reason to celebrate because I'm so glad I was able to make it through my first blogging year, especially since along the line I sometimes thought of deleting the blog. I wasn't getting as much views as I wanted, not as many comments as I wanted or not as many followers as I wanted too. But then I realized it wasn't about just that.

I follow other blogs and the range of blogs I read everyday keep me entertained, some inspire me and some educate me. And I'm so happy to be a member of blogs ville because of the kind of blogs I've encountered, the kind of stuff I've learnt and the kind of growth I've been able to achieve as a person. Normally, I'd write something and hardly show anyone, but blogging has helped me be more open than I normally am (though there are sometimes I struggle with that and have even drafted some of my blog posts).

So here's saying 'Thank you'.

Thank you God, for seeing me through.

'Thank you' to my first ever follower and commenter, Myne. That your very first comment encouraged me.

'Thank you' also to Tomi, Daughter of Her King, LDP, secretlilies, Strong Self, The Relentless builder, Toin, Seyefunmie, sugarspring, Re-birth of a DramaqueeN. Thanks for following and leaving your comments.

Thank you B, Tp and JJ. Also thank you to Phoster and Sparkle2k3(followers without blogs I'm aware of), and other readers, stalkers (i wish) and so on.

Hopefully, this time next year I'll be celebrating something much more significant. Hopefully I'll be publishing a seriously it's my prayer o. I've reached a hundred pages, in MSWord of the book I'm working on (36, 563 words). But the major thing that might scare and does scare me a bit is that I've not really given anyone to read it (except for one person that read the first chapter and liked it) so I don't even know if what I'm writing is pure rubbish. The only thing that keeps me going is when I remember how my dad always told me when I was younger that he was impressed by my writing skills and hoped I get published someday (he still encourages me to write). I'm also pretty much scared because while I hope to get published by some really good publishing house, I keep thinking about rejections. I've heard enough stories about writers getting rejection letters from agents. Even writers like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie experienced such surprisingly enough. Now that's what scares me for real. And it seems like it's when writers get rejected over and over again they switch to self-publishing (though not in all cases). But I really don't know about that. As in I don't really like the idea, though I know people like Myne have made a great success by self-publishing their work.

So I'm willing to explore my options. I went through an article some time ago describing the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing respectively. But I can't really go into the details (check the link above). That's not my worry now anyways. Let me first finish the most important things in my life now, then finish the first draft of my book and then I can start talking about how to publish..

Anyways, that's all for now.

Thanks for visiting. Ciao 


  1. awwwwwwwww... no worries hun... i suppose its important to keep focused.

    I believe you are beginning to come out of your shell with your posts. first baby steps and then walk and walk some more. xxx

    Thanks for the mention love. I must say Myne is THE MADAME OF BLOGSVILLE OHH.. Such an encouraging lady.. xxx

  2. thanks for the mention ay, i really appreciate it and i celebrate with you big time and by God's grace next year if Jesus tarries, you'll have gone farther than this, the sky wont even be your limit this time
    i wish you the best any good friend would wish you.
    and just keep writing...its like your personal journal,no one might be reading it just yet but you just have to keep on because its that part of you thats willing to burst forth and some day it will, i assure you it will
    and so here's a BIG CHEERS to you, your writing ability and your blog
    God bless...xox

    1. Awww. Thanks :)
      A big Amen to your prayer. I really appreciate the encouragement.
      I wish you all the best in all your endeavours too.

  3. I'm sure You would do great... Its important that you also keeping at it. I would buy your book!! Def!! So keep it up! Its a pleasure reading your work.

  4. Thanks!!! Yes I'll continue writing, even when I don't feel like o. Got my eyes on the prize.

    I'll let you know when it's

    Thank you so much

  5. If I were to rate your blogging journey so far, I would say you have not been doing bad at all. Blogging is really a journey of mixed experiences. At times, you feel it is not going well. What keeps one blogging during those moments is the willingness to share thoughts in words.

    Happy One Blogging Year.

  6. Oh, that's good. Thanks.
    Ah..Yeah it's really a journey of mixed experiences and personally for me, it's a journey to self-discovery (my blog description)

    Thanks again :)

  7. Hey! 1st tym am checking out ds page.. Good frnd of Funmi (Drama Queen)!! Saw ur name 4rm her blog page,so I felt lyk checking out the effort of a name sake.. Well am glad I eventually did,cuz am not disappointed.It was a really good 1st tym,kip it up and God bless ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ .. @Ela_weezy

    1. Hi. Thanks for checking out my blog o. I'm glad you were not disappointed.
      Thank you so much name sake and God bless you too :)


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