Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Practice makes perfect

When I was in secondary school, there was this head girl I admired for a while and that was because of an article I read about her that was cut out from a newspaper and posted on our notice board in school. The newspaper featured her because she had won another competition (she was always winning them). This particular competition was in mathematics and once sentence that struck me in her interview was when she stated that 'practice makes perfect'. She said she practised mathematics everyday, and that was what made her so good in mathematics. I was interested in the article and after I went back to my class, I thought to myself, "one does not necessarily have to be a genius or child prodigy, one justs has to learn how to practise frequently, because practice makes perfect".

The more you work at something, the more you become familiar with it and the more you excel at it.

This principle has become more important to me since recently I started working on my final year project. If I hadn't tried to master all those principles I had come across since my first year down to my fifth year I wouldn't be finding it so easy to carry out the work I am carrying out presently. I practised, practised, practised all over again and now I look back and I'm happy with how far I have come. I have no regrets whatsoever for being such a 'good' student (people tend to label one the 'good' student more or less in a sarcastic fashion, but at the end of the day one is still better off than them and they will be frequently amazed at how one is able to do some things as if those things are rocket science).

And of course when I'm done I'll scream!!! joy!!!!......

And might I add, practice doesn't just make perfect, it also builds confidence.

My confidence in my abilities has definitely increased over the years.

Anyways that's it for now. Just wanted to bare my thoughts.

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  1. First, thank you for the comment on my blog.

    This was very inspiring. I agree with the last statement, "practice doesn't just make perfect, it also builds confidence".

    I love to say, "success is not a supernatural endeavour, it is as natural as committing to practice"

    Blessings to you.

    - LDP

    *pls check ur email* thanks

    1. Sorry, was gonna send you an email only to discover, you don't allow emails from your blog. Here is the message I was going to send:

      Hi Ayo,

      Thank you so much for your comment on my latest post.

      I've been on your blog too and I must confess you are an awesome writer. I look forward to learning from you even more.

      Please I would like you to do me a favour. The comment you posted on my blog got lost as I tried reverting to the new and improved blogger comment system (from the intial intensedebate one).

      If it's not too much to ask, could you please post your comment again so I'm able to reply just underneath it?

      Should in case you've lost what you wrote, here it is:

      "Great post, funny I was going to discuss on something running along a similar theme on my blog.

      What I have learnt so far in my life is that those things we usually think are too tough for us, when we face them head on and determine to, like you said, love them, we excel in them. A perfect example is always schoolwork. Moving on with the 'right attitude' has helped me so far in my studies.

      ......And at the end of every challenge, when we do excel, we can scream!!!"

      Thank you in advance. I appreciate you.


    2. You are very welcome, and thank you for commenting on my post too.....
      Now I'm feeling happy that you think I'm an awesome writer. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Your statement "success is not a supernatural endeavour, it is as natural as committing to practice" has got me thinking,

      Been to your blog to re-post my comment..

      Thanks again.

  2. You have not only bared your thought in this post, you have also succeeded in linking my thoughts too. You see, I have been thinking about people and performances lately and this post says most of what I agree with. As for me o, I have always told people, if you are not practising something you want to be known at, just stop doing it least you are are confused. This piece is motivational.

    I am following your blog already. I have added myself to your followers under the name Joseph Omotayo.

  3. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for checking out my blog and for following too.


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