Saturday, 25 February 2012

Musing, ranting.....

You’ve had a really long day and are completely stressed out and you cannot wait to do something that eases you of your discomfort. Of course you can identify with that.

There are many ways we find to ease ourselves of stress; some people just go for a long walk, others hang out with friends, some turn to their journal or their laptop and write about something, like I’m doing now. However, most people can identify with listening to really cool music to ease themselves of stress. I try it every once in a while though it’s not really my favourite method of easing myself of stress. But oh how i love indulging myself with some really good music that moves my whole being and is definitely good for my spirit. I mean music that makes SENSE!!. The emphasis is placed here on ‘SENSE’, because really most of what is brandished today as music is just pure rubbish. Mind my use of language please but ermm that’s just how I feel. (I’ll be using the word ‘sense’ a lot in this post)

I’m what you’ll probably call ‘old school’ or ‘grandmamaish’, but I’d prefer ‘conservative’ if you don’t mind’. This doesn’t just affect only my choice of music, but every other area of my life. I love listening to music that makes sense, music with lyrics that make sense and I love watching music videos that make sense. I mean the definition of what kind of music makes sense may differ among people, but it can never be music that is downright ‘demoralizing’, cos that’s most of what we get.

Na all kind of music dey reign nowadays and if you don’t hear the words ‘love’, ‘lust’, ‘touch’, ‘body’, ‘girl’, ‘omoge’, ‘omo ele’, ‘sexy’.... etc,  in a song that song is not complete. The height is when you are jejely watching your TV o and the next thing they say or display is “so, so so and so’s music video is up next”, then the next thing you see is some shameless half naked girls shaking their bodies on your TV screen and trying to make sure you notice their endowments.

What a waste of resources and a reduction of bride price...smh. Everything in this life now is about sex, sex and sex and anything that implies it. People especially women open their body everywhere all in the name of entertainment. Somebody is trying to sell common wristwatch, I said common wristwatch o and in their TV commercial they employ half naked women as props; women swaying their body like agama lizard and making you wonder oya what next o. The way they’ll be stretching their neck sef and twisting their waist while touching their whole body at the same time can be so annoying one will feel like puking. As in since when did selling wristwatch or any other thing for that matter have anything to do with naked women.

Those women should respect themselves o. Me I’ve said my own o. Because I don’t know why they will allow themselves become an object of somebody’s desire. ( I know I’m sounding old now but that’s just the topping on the ice-cream. You ain’t seen nothing yet)

It’s as if this post sef has shifted from a discussion on contemporary popular music as I see it to the society as I see it. Please pardon me o.

For me if music doesn’t help me feel better mentally and spiritually it’s not music. Sometimes I’d listen to some kind of music and I’d feel dumb, I mean really stupid and useless, as if I should not have bothered listening in the first place. However, it doesn't mean I don't 'enjoy' some of these songs, but my choices are quite limited. Most of the time I just take solace in gospel music, Disney soundtracks (call me a baby o, I know already), Asa’s music (I don’t know how to classify her music, but she makes so much sense joor. She’s unique) and of course my dear Afro beat (especially Lagbaja’s music). I also like listening to old old songs, ah those ones our parents and grandparents used to listen to, whether English o or Yoruba (I.K Dairo (Senior)’s ‘Rora feso jaye’ comes to mind...hmmm). The only snag about all those old songs is that they usually contain repeated lyrics, but I still like them anyway, at least they make me feel good in a good way and their music videos contain no explicit content.. And oh, I love Abba!!.... ‘dancing queen’, ‘i have a dream’, ‘super trouper’... don’t even get me started yet.

It’s feel good to have written this and to relive all those memories.

Thanks for checking me out. Keep checking, even if you don’t think anything new will be up. You never can tell.



  1. Babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seeee me clapping for YOU BIG TIME!!!!!(in my mind ooo cos it's already late where i am and i might wake people up..LOL) in you are on point babe. it's as if you're feeling ME gannnnn...i mean gidigan and im glad there are still people like you who think like me
    i LOVE old school ooo and i think my next post will be on Abba or Bonny M. they might not be gospel o but i love their lyrics o jare. they make sense and they can make you relax and feel great most expecially if you're so elated about something that had just happened
    i LOOOOOve Disney's soundtracks gan. u need to check my phone. my former phone even had a folder for Disney and soundtracks before the screen went bad. they inspire. is it lion king, or pochahuntas, aladdin or hercules name it.
    it was so bad that i went in search of Ice princess' soundtracks after i watched the movie. twas a very inspiring movie about a girl who found her dream, got determined and followed it. (ice skating) and she was going to make it to the the end
    even KSA and obey had lyrics and they made sense and not all this rubbish ppl are singing these days..smh!!!
    i love this post jare. i wish more people would even see this. you have spoken well
    dont mind those yeye people that the only thing they know how to sing is omoge or omo to shan or one kind of lustful name sha!! even shows how shallow they are in their thoughts. no deep feelings for the girl sef and the same girl will be shaking her booty reducing her worth...
    i'm glad we see things from the same perspective. it shows that not everyone has gone insane.
    c'est bon mademoiselle...wink*****

  2. I can't believe there's someone else out there that loves old school like me and even Disney soundtracks.'re welcome, my sister from another love all the soudtracks from the Disney classics you mentioned. And let me mention mention I'm a total freak for dem 'High School Musical' songs ehn..

    Awww. Thanks :)

    Yeah, I'm also glad we see things from the same perspective.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    (I'll take that to mean "It's good lady" in English. My french is not good)

  3. LMAOOO!!!!,,,u were right afterall...your french is indeed not so good!!! well who am i to judge, am not that good either
    take it to mean very nice or nice sha...a compliment
    hi5 to my sister from another mother,...hehe...

  4. Lol!!!....Guess my french is actually not good.
    Thanks :)


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