Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Prayer For You is This....

My prayer for you is this...

That one day yours will be a land that people would yearn to be in, a place that once rejected by its own people will become a place of pride for them.


I pray that you this land, my country, Nigeria will be great one day.

I pray that one day I would be able to take public transport in this country without being worried that the vehicle would break down halfway to my destination.

I pray that there will be so many options for transport in the future that talking about taking the train, for example, wouldn’t sound so odd and would not just be a choice for the lower class.

I pray that one day we will look back at those days when we used to say ‘Up NEPA!!!’ and just laugh and say ‘I mean, seriously, we used to say that?’

A day students/lecturers in the university will be able to carry out research work in their laboratories without being impeded by epileptic electricity.

A day when a Nigerian in the Diaspora would say she’s coming back home and no one would think she’s crazy.

I’m praying for that day when people would actually stop ‘running away’ from this country and will be comfortable with living at home (doesn’t mean I won’t run away soon o, but it’s not because I don’t like you. It’ll be for just a while and I’ll be back to help repair you. So gbo?).

I’m praying for that day when quality education is not something only the rich would be able to pay for.

That day when children would stop hawking on the streets and at Bus garages as part of their ‘duty’ to their parents as children.

I’m waiting and still praying for that day when the government will actually invest the right amount of money in the health sector, so that people will stop traveling to other places to get good medical treatment and even those who want to get their face ‘lifted’ or want to inject their face with botulinum toxin-A (botox) will be comfortable with doing it back home.

A day when our medical schools will be known for groundbreaking research in medicine and not just our medical schools o, but also other areas of academics, because the government has financed such.

There are so many things I could pray for about you, but my head is so full now..

I actually do get tired of waiting for that day sometimes, but I pray for the strength to carry on because I believe in you so much!! I really want to see you get better, I do. I want people from other places to envy you joor..

Oh that day!!

If that day ever comes I hope to be part of those who made the change possible.


So help me God.

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