Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blog award

Relentless and sugarspring passed on  the Versatile Blogger Award to me. Thank you guys. I had to get out of my lazy shell to do this. So here goes;

First the rules;

1. Thank the blogger that nominated me.
2. Share 7 Random facts about myself
3. Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
4. Let the nominated bloggers know they have been nominated

Okay, so I've done number 1, now on to number 2.

7 random facts about ay 

1). I looove 'love'. I tend to hide this a lot, but I really am a sucker for love. It's not uncommon to find me seated in a corner, my eyes glued to the TV or my laptop, watching a really good romantic movie and having streaks of tears run down my face (while I struggle to hide the tears, of course!!).  I don't know, it's just...*sigh*..

2)  I'm a very finicky eater. Quite honestly, I'm hard to please in the food department. I frustrated my parents a lot when I was young..lol.. I remember every morning before leaving for school they'll present me with various breakfast choices, but I always had one issue or the other with the food. Bread was something/is still something I'm very picky with. In frustration, my dad sometimes said, "Don't worry, we'll open your own bread factory for you"

3) In secondary school I had this crush on Zeal from Stylplus, but I'm well over that now..

4) Daydreaming is my favourite pasttime...:)

5) I wish I could be so many things at the same time- an award winning singer, best selling author, great scientist, Supermodel, Minister of Health, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Supermom and Masterchef  (in my dreams..lol)

6) There's nothing that melts my heart more than seeing an elderly couple in love..  (oh, I mentioned before that I looove 'love', right?) I know this couple- quite close to my family, that even in their seventies called each other by a pet name and shared kisses with each other, until the man died about 3 years ago...;( Their love was really an inspiration to everyone who saw them together.

7). Before publishing each new blog post, I fret just a bit (or too much, who knows?)..."will people like it/hate it, will an anonymous person insult me, will people leave comments, or am I just talking to myself?".. basically what I'm just trying to say is- Paranoia is just my thing...smh

So, who am I nominating oh..(thinking to myself)..for now I will nominate only a few bloggers, cos I don't really know a lot of 'relatively' new bloggers.;

Mayoress of casterbridge
Life in Stages

I guess I broke the rules. Well, that's all..for now

See ya later.


  1. Hurray Hurrah... have been nominated.. azonto remix..

    We are similar. I used to be very picky over food when I was much younger but am much bettterrr now.

    I love daydreaming. I also want to be everything at the same time. I love LOVE Too....the real goody ones..

    But I dont fret over posts ohh i dont care like that sha lol. If anything I think what can i write that is thought provoking. In most cases, they are all in my files.

    aww u come across sweet. xx

    1. Lol... *now dancing to the music*

      Thank you so much .. xxx

  2. Hahaha lol I had the biggest crush on Zeal too! even till date! I google search him till date! lol
    Thanks for the Nomination!! I'll get to work now :)

    1. Lol..you google search him...I can imagine. Then, while watching their music videos I‘d pause each time Zeal‘s face came up..smh..just glad I‘m over that..
      You will soon get over the crush..hopefully..:)

      You‘re welcome :)

  3. Hahaha... really funny. I think I used to have a crush on the Batwoman character, but I have gotten over it now anyway. Trust me, your blogging style is really versatile.

    1. Aww..I‘m glad you agree I deserve the award and that you think this was funny.
      Oh, sometimes it sounds weird when guys speak about having crushes..lol. Don‘t mind me.
      Thanks for visiting... :)

  4. I think a lot of people had crush on Zeal, I loved all 3 of them stylplus boyz.

    1. And I used to think I was the only one. None of my friends back then had the same crush..I think..
      Thanks for stopping by...:)

  5. #2, ditto! I also think everyone was in lust with Zeal lol. Nice knowing more about you

  6. yea...i think Toin is right abt that Zeal part.LOL..dont know what was in the guy sef.
    no need fretting jare, just bone it and post the thing..afterall, its your blogspace and everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it doesn't correlate with yours.
    thats why we're unique and diff
    nice knowing more about you ay

    1. I guess he appeared cool, calm and was/is fine sha..lol..just saying
      The fretting thing was majorly in the beginning. Things have changed with time. It‘s my journey of self discovery..:)
      Thanks for your comment..:)

  7. Numbers 4, and 6 -I can so relate with.
    And as for your number 5, one step at a time will do :)

  8. Really?..:)
    Yeah, I agree. Now I think of it I believe I can be all those things at the same time...Yeah, really.

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.. Hope you had a lovely ride?... :)

  9. You sure deserve the award, dear...

    Trust me, u're a good writer and you don't have to worry about likeness because, for me oh...I'm always looking forward to your posts:)

    We're kinda alike....except d "zeal" part. Actually had a crush on "shifi" instead "covers face"


    1. You think so too... I'm elated!!
      Awww.. I'm glad you always look forward to my posts.

      Shifi?? lol...just kidding.. He's not bad sha...lol

      Thanks for stopping by dear...:)


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