Thursday, 5 January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!..............................OR NOT :(

The year is new and though it’s coming late I’d like to say ‘Happy New Year!!!’.

Buh I really don’t get the feeling that this is a ‘happy new year’ because people are not smiling as much as before in Nigeria, but they are still smiling sha. I for one ain’t feeling too happy.

The major issue now in Naija is this fuel subsidy wahala which came with the new year. I began the new year wondering if we would be able to survive in Nigeria. Prices of everything are increasing and people are protesting. And just when I was thinking that’s the worst that could happen ASUU decided to continue with the strike they had started the previous year.

Basically I’m trying to study while I can, as the uncertainty of everything looms over my mind. The proposed nationwide strike is beginning on Monday the 9th of January and I’m just hoping it’ll yield good results and I can hopefully continue school very soon because my education has not been  interrupted like this before (except for a short stint some few years ago in my second year) in all my four plus something years in the University (cos my school is very stable).

Well, in the middle of all these, Nigerians still make jokes out of the fuel subsidy issue. I was going through the Punch’s Tuesday edition and was in stitches as I read all sorts of funny things and looked at funny images on this same issue.

Ever resilient Nigerians! I salute. We always seem to make the best out of every situation no matter how difficult.

I like this one especially. Came across it on the web

Anyways that's it for now.... 

Have a great year.


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