Saturday, 29 June 2013

'Their' fault not mine.....


It's very easy as humans to make a habit of always blaming others for things that happen to us or around us.

"Nothing works in this country. It' the fault of our corrupt leaders...."

"Work is really stressful. My boss hates me and hands out all the work to me...."

"These people are so incompetent. They are the ones drawing us back...."

I've been pondering lately and I observe that most times the things we tend to blame others for, we are guilty of as well. And sometimes what we complain of might just be part of our imagination. It's really a pain to sit down around someone that keeps whining and going on and on about how the world is against them and everyone else is at fault for something. These kind of people have refused make a decision to be responsible for the choices they make and how they are affected by these choices, I think.

And really no one is perfect. It's easy to blame everyone for something and not recognise you are doing the same thing. A lot of people complain about their boss being incompetent, 'wicked', and blame them for certain other things, even me. But if we sit down and analyze things we would realise that if placed in the same position, same situation most people will do worse and be even more horrible bosses.

A lot of people complain about corruption and how nothing works In this country. But when placed in charge of even the smallest tasks at work or placed in a certain position people act out exactly what they are complaining of and they make it look like it's no big deal, "afterall it's just a small thing". And so it remains a vicious circle. Corrupt employees/corrupt citizens one day become corrupt leaders. 

If something is not working right, instead of complaining and pointing fingers, quit whining, get busy and be part of a positive change. And don't say you won't carry out your own work because others aren't carrying out theirs, because that's exactly where the problem is. Do your own part, carry out your duties dilligently and try to see the good in other people first. We are all human anyways.

*** Post inspired by happenings at work.


  1. I know this. I even did a post about something close. People should up and take responsibility is all i'm saying

    1. Yeah.. I've been to your blog and (re-)read the post. I didn't even remember you had addressed something similar in the past.

      Glad, to find our thoughts are running along similar lines.

  2. This was something that bugged me so much while in Nigeria and makes me think it will take a while for our country to develop, longer than it should.

    1. Really it's a major source of concern.

      Thanks for stopping by, Myne.

  3. This is so true and sad. We need to start taking responsibilities.

    1. Yes we need to.

      We need to start being part of a positive change.


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