Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Secret Lives et al

Hello, welcome. I'm glad you've come to visit my blog.

I've changed some things as anyone might notice. I've changed the name of my blog from Passionate About Writing to In My Mind's Eyes and then changed the template of the blog. You see, I decided to do a 'lil bit of re-branding. It's needed o, so people don't get bored with the same old thing. Reminds me of when our country was doing all that re-branding stuff and they used the slogan; 'Good people, Great nation' how that helped sha.

Anyways, it's now In my mind's eyes. I suspected the posts on the blog didn't really reflect the former title, Passionate about writing. I've just been writing on how I feel about stuff and all, so In my mind's eyes seems more appropriate. I hope I don't change it again.

I'm on a short holiday from school so I have a little time on my hands. The whole of last week I read The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's wives by Lola Shoneyin. She's a very brilliant writer!!! I had to google her after reading the book..

Webcam tins...blurred

I read the book for a whole week because normally when I read a book I like to absorb every sentence and try to understand why the writer chose certain words and what was going through their mind when they wrote the book. But also, I had some schoolwork to do sha.... I can be very analytical sha. Dunno if to call it a blessing or a curse. 'Been reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett on and off for about a year now. Not that it's boring but I need to take my time and of course I have a lot of schoolwork to grapple with.

Anyways, before I started reading The Secret Lives book, I didn't believe or understand why a University graduate would marry into a polygamous home. But then on reading the book I learnt a lot about Bolanle and the circumstances that pushed her into such a marriage. For me, I think Bolanle's experiences in the household made her a better person at the end. I like to think the story was that of freedom; freedom from lies, emotional chains, past life experiences etc.  But then there was sad.

It was such a funny story, there were times I couldn't help but burst into fits of laughter. I was awed by Lola Shoneyin's uncanny ability to tell a story so serious- which is a very important topic in our society, and yet make it so enjoyable. I liked the way she described the characters, or rather introduced us to the characters personally, because each character told us their own part of the story. This helped to leave a vivid image of the characters in my mind.

My funniest character was Iya Segi. Lola Shoneyin's description of her was so funny. I can just imagine Iya Segi's thick neck.

Anyhow sha, you will have to read the book for yourself if you haven't (I suspect most people have cos I'm just slacking). This is no book review; not that I'm good at that kind of stuff anyways.

Thanks for visiting...

And more thing before I forget. To the fashionistas in the house; how do you wear pewter shoes or what do you wear them with. They don't seem to go with anything!!!

Pewter Ballerina shoes

My mom got me the shoes, so on a normal day I won't pick these out myself...

Thanks for visiting again...yes you and you and you!!! Ese!!

Bye :)


  1. Hey hun, hope you are well. Pls visit my blog. YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED. YAY.

    1. Yayyy!! I am good and you?

      Thank you...will be visiting your blog

  2. I also enjoyed the book a lot, great writing style.

    I was actually whether I was at the right blog, the new look is good.

  3. The book is great!!
    Yeah, I needed a new look, really. Thanks.

  4. I have not read the book yet, but I own a copy. Maybe this will lure me to actually read it now. By the way, your mini-book review was interesting. I also tend to get analytical when I read, so it takes me longer too. But I also remember certain lines better than if I just rush through it.

  5. Ah!!! u beta go and read it. you would love it, trust me..'mini book review'
    Glad to know someone else is like that o. I thought I was crazy, especially since that's how I am with most things, even movies as well...
    Thanks for dropping by, leaving a comment and following my blog!!!!

  6. I read the book last year and loved it. Lesbo Iya segi was my fav too. Very cunning woman. I remember how she imagined she would sit on the balcony of her house and watch women strut their stuff and she would ogle them smh. I had a few issues with the book (the critique in me) but for a 1st book, i enjoyed it...the Yoruba proverbs, funny anecdotes and all.

  7. Hmmmm..what issues did you have with the book?.....
    That Iya Segi ehnn..
    ‘The Secret Lives‘ is not actually Lola‘s first book. She had written two books earlier, but TSL is her first published novel.
    The book was very lovely all in all

  8. hi....that was some post! i just started blogging this year, and i cant say i'm comfy with the way my blog looks. any "re-branding" suggestions, please??? would love some....

  9. hello!!!.. i'm not very versatile when it comes to the whole designing of blog thingy but I try to make subtle changes here and there with the hope of making my blog more attractive and appealing to visitors. I'm still learning you see, and I consider myself a baby blogger. I will run over to your blog now and see what suggestions I could make all the same.


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