Friday, 24 June 2011

It's official!!

So, I've decided to start my own blog.

The first time I really got interested in starting a blog is........ Oh I can't remember. But I've noticed there are a lot of blogs and it would just seem like I'm following the trend. The real reason I've decided to start a blog is because it's fun, it exposes one to a lot, I can get some of the stuff I write on the Web without having to worry about them possibly erasing if my laptop ever crashes (Hopefully it won't. But it has once) and lastly and most importantly, because I JUST LOVE TO WRITE!!

I've been writing since I could say 'da da' (baby voice). Okay that's just exaggerating. But seriously I think I've been writing since I could read. From little sentences, to short stories and hopefully one day I'll publish a book. I loved writing all those 'My Best Friend' and 'My Family' compositions in Primary School and then in Secondary School more serious essays. I LOVE WORDS. I always liked when it was time to have Dictation exercises in class. I always did very well (even if I say so myself).

Anyways let me cut the long story short.

It's official!! I'm now a blogger. Yay me!!


  1. Welcome to blogger, and I look forward to your posts. I hope in addition to your writing, you'll also share some stuff about uni and all. All the best.


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